New Book Releases: August 27, 2019

Each Monday, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that week.

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THE BEEKEEPER OF ALEPPO, Christy Lefteri. Read an excerpt. A couple from Aleppo flees the Syrian civil war. Indiebound, Amazon.

FROM THE SHADOWS, Juan José Millas, translated from the Spanish by Thomas Bunstead and Daniel Hahn. After being laid off, a man becomes an invisible butler to a family, with surreal, comic, and disastrous consequences. Indiebound, Amazon.

ALL THE FORGIVENESSES, Elizabeth Hardinger. At the turn of the century, a 15-year-old farm girl attempts to look after her family following her mother’s death. Indiebound, Amazon.

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THE OTHER’S GOLD, Elizabeth Ames. Four friends weather college and parenthood. Indiebound, Amazon.

EVERYTHING INSIDE: STORIES, Edwidge Danticat. Eight short stories from the acclaimed author. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE VENTRILOQUISTS, E.R. Ramzipoor. A 12-year-old street orphan rebels when she is conscripted to create propaganda for the Nazis. Indiebound, Amazon.

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DOXOLOGY, Nell Zink. Ecco. Read an excerpt. The story of a family before and after 9/11. Indiebound. Amazon.

OVERTHROW, Caleb Crain. Six young idealists contend with power and privilege in the midst of the Occupy movement. Indiebound, Amazon.

CROWN OF CORAL AND PEARL, Mara Rutherford. A young princess-to-be uncovers a plot to destroy her village in this YA fantasy. Indiebound, Amazon.

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