New Book Releases: February 11, 2020

Each Monday, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that week.

THE MERCIES, Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Another of my most anticipated! In 17th century Norway, three years after a shipwreck wipes out the men of a small village, a Scottish man who has spent years burning witches at the stake arrives and becomes enraged by the female villagers’ independence. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

THE BORGIA CONFESSIONS, Alyssa Palombo. A fictionalized account of the infamous Borgias, told from the perspective of Maddalena Moretti, a servant for Lucrezia Borgia, and Cesare Borgia, an illegitimate son of the pope hell-bent on accruing power. I read this and enjoyed it a lot; highly recommend for a fun, romantic read that is as educational as it is entertaining. Read my mini-review here. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE SNOW COLLECTORS, Tina May Hall. A woman finds a body at the edge of a frozen forest, compelling an obsession with an Arctic exhibition that disappeared centuries before. Indiebound, Amazon.

WEATHER, Jenny Offill. A librarian and fake shrink gets a new job responding to letters written to a prescient climate change-focused podcast. From the acclaimed author of Dept. of Speculation. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

UNTAMED SHORE, Silvia Moreno-Garcia. A woman becomes entangled with the lives of three Americans, a situation which becomes dangerously more complicated when one of them dies. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE UNWILLING, Kelly Braffet. One of my most-anticipated books of 2020. A foundling with a gift sees her life thrown into chaos when a healer arrives, whose plan is to use her in his quest to transform her city. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE UNSPOKEN NAME, A.K. Larkwood. On the verge of self-sacrifice, a woman is offered a new path as an assassin. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE BEAR, Andrew Krivak. In a post-apocalyptic future, a girl raised by her father to survive in the wilderness suddenly finds herself alone and at the mercy of a bear. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

THE KING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, Arthur Phillips. At the tail end of Elizabeth I’s reign, a British spy and a doctor from the Ottoman Empire team up to uncover if the throne’s heir, James VI, is secretly a Catholic. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

SHUGGIE BAIN, Douglas Stuart. The story of a young boy and his fractured relationship with his drug-addicted mother in Margaret Thatcher’s destitute 1980s Glasgow. Kirkus calls it “a masterpiece.” Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

NIGHT SPINNER, Addie Thorley. In this YA fantasy, a disgraced magician is offered a pardon for her crime if she captures a dangerous thief — who turns out to be stealing to keep his starving people alive. This is being compared to Bardugo’s Grishaverse so you know I’m gonna be reading it ASAP. Indiebound, Amazon.

MY PART OF HER, Javad Djavahery, Emma Ramadan (Translator). In 1970s Iran, a young man is a guest at the seaside summer home of his wealthy, beloved cousin. When he humiliates one of her would-be suitors, it sets in motion a series of events that will be felt for decades. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE AMERICAN FIANCEE, Eric Dupont. A family saga about a man who discovers surprising connections between Berlin and his Québécois family. Indiebound, Amazon.

MERCY HOUSE, Alena Dillon. A nun and her sisters must protect their home for abused women from a bishop who has come to investigate their unorthodox ways. Indiebound, Amazon.

INDELICACY, Amina Cain. A cleaning woman at an art museum is made uneasy when she marries a wealthy man and finds her life as limited as it was before. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

INK IN THE BLOOD, Kim Smejkal. In this YA fantasy, a pair of young people leave their careers as magical tattoo artists to join a traveling theater troupe, and discover that their previous lives were in the service of evil — and it’s following them. Indiebound, Amazon.

GHOSTS OF THE MISSING, Kathleen Donohoe. A failed artist and an aspiring writer strive to uncover what happened to a girl they both loved who disappeared decades earlier. I’ve been incredibly excited for this one to come out! Indiebound, Amazon.

HOUSE OF TRELAWNEY, Hannah Rothschild. A multigenerational group of women must band together to save their crumbling ancestral home. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

EDEN MINE, S.M. Hulse. An act of domestic terrorism wreaks havoc on the residents of a small Montana town. Aggregated critical reviews, Indiebound, Amazon.

DAUGHTER FROM THE DARK, Marina Dyachenko, Sergey Dyachenko. A DJ saves a child from danger and takes her to his apartment, which she refuses to leave and every attempt to get her out is thwarted by her teddy bear. From the authors of Vita Nostra. Indiebound, Amazon.

DEAD TO HER, Sarah Pinborough. A woman marries into a wealthy family and vows to do whatever it takes to stay there. Indiebound, Amazon.

A WITCH IN TIME, Constance Sayers. A woman is cursed to relive a tragic life for centuries, until she finally begins to figure out a way to break the cycle. I’ve been looking forward to this one for months! Indiebound, Amazon.



I’m a columnist for OneZero, where I write about the intersection of health & tech. Also seen at Elemental, The Atlantic, VICE, and Vox. Brooklyn, NY.

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Angela Lashbrook

I’m a columnist for OneZero, where I write about the intersection of health & tech. Also seen at Elemental, The Atlantic, VICE, and Vox. Brooklyn, NY.