New Book Releases: February 4, 2020

Each Monday, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that week.

THE LOST BOOK OF ADANA MOREAU, Michael Zapata. One of my own of 2020! When cleaning out his dead grandfather’s home, a man discovers a long-lost science fiction manuscript and embarks on a journey to Louisiana to find the author’s mysterious son. , , , .

ALICE BY HEART, Steven Sater. In this YA fantasy, a young girl reads Alice in Wonderland to her sick friend during the Blitz, causing the war-torn world they’re in to blur with that of Alice’s. , .

BLACK SUNDAY, Tola Rotimi Abraham. The bonds between four siblings are tested when the family loses their fortune and is drawn to the wealth-worshipping New Church. , , .

EVERYWHERE YOU DON’T BELONG, Gabriel Bump. A young man leaves his home on the south side of Chicago, only to discover that danger follows him wherever he goes. An Indie Next List pick. , , .

DJINN PATROL ON THE PURPLE LINE, Deepa Anappara. Three friends venture into the dangerous corners of their city to find their missing classmate. , , .

A PERFECT EXPLANATION, Eleanor Anstruther. The traumatized granddaughter of a duke abandons her family and sells her son to her sister, a choice which reverberates throughout the entire family for decades. , .

INDEPENDENCE SQUARE, A. D. Miller. A former diplomat in Kiev who lost everything in a horrible scandal stumbles upon the woman he holds responsible for his downfall, soon discovering that she’s far more complicated than she seems. , .

LUX, Elizabeth Cook. Two men — Henry VIII and his imprisoned courtier poet Sir Thomas Wyatt — find their fates changed forever by the arrival of Anne Boleyn. , .

MOLLY BIT, Dan Bevacqua. A woman chases Hollywood fame at the expense of her relationships. , .

THE CACTUS LEAGUE, Emily Nemens. The star outfielder of a baseball team stationed in Arizona is coming apart at the seams, prompting obsessive inquiries from his fans, friends, and reporters. By an editor at The Paris Review. , , .

REAL LIFE, Adeline Dieudonne, Roland Glasser (translator). A child spends her days playing in abandoned cars and avoiding her violent hunter father and submissive mother — until a terrible accident upends everything. , .

THE AUTHENTICITY PROJECT, Clare Pooley. An elderly man writes down his secrets in a notebook and leaves it in a cafe, inspiring a string of strangers to do the same. , , .

THE FREEDOM ARTIST, Ben Okri. In this dystopian sci-fi, when a woman goes missing after painting a question, “Who is the prisoner?” on a wall, her boyfriend begins to search for her, discovering he isn’t the only one searching for the truth. Marlon James calls it “a work of beauty, grace, and uncommon power.” , , .

REMEMBERED, Yvonne Battle-Felton. As the city of Philadelphia burns outside, a woman sits by her son’s hospital bed, desperate to find out, by any means necessary, why people say he drove a streetcar into a business window. , .

THE QUEEN’S ASSASSIN, Melissa De La Cruz. In this YA fantasy, a talented assassin and an ambitious apprentice must work together to destroy a sinister threat to their kingdom. , .

THINGS IN JARS, Jess Kidd. In Victorian London, a female detective is drawn into the baffling world of the macabre as she searches for a kidnapped child with rumored supernatural powers. This one has been on my TBR for months, and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it! , , .

YES NO MAYBE SO, Becky Albertalli, Aisha Saeed. A delightful sounding contemporary YA about a senate race volunteer and a reluctant canvasser who fall in love. , .

UPRIGHT WOMEN WANTED, Sarah Gailey. Another one from my list! From the author of the acclaimed fantasy novel Magic for Liars. In this reinvented Western, a woman stows away on a book wagon after escaping an arranged marriage to her best friend’s former fiance. , .

VERA VIOLET, Melissa Anne Peterson. A high schooler escapes decrepit, meth-ridden Pacific Northwest for St. Louis, Missouri, only to discover it has much of the same problems. I included this on my list, and can’t wait to finally get to it. , .

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