New Book Releases: March 9, 2021

Each week, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that Tuesday.

PERFECT ON PAPER, Sophie Gonzales. A delightful, charming romcom about a bisexual high school student who runs a relationship advice service out of an abandoned locker. I loved this book! Read an excerpt here. Bookshop.

SURVIVING SAVANNAH, Patti Callahan. A historian investigates the lives and stories of the families who survived — and perished — on the Pulaski, also called the “Titanic of the South,” which sank in 1838. Bookshop.

SARAHLAND, Sam Cohen. Stories about identity, sexuality, and more, all starring characters named Sarah. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “wonderfully bizarre… a thought-provoking work, Cohen’s collection surprises and excites.” Read one of the book’s short stories here. Bookshop.

THE PLUM TREES, Victoria Schorr. A woman investigates what happened to her great-uncle after discovering he may have escaped Auschwitz. “Written with urgency, elegance, and grace, Shorr’s novel is a deeply moving account of a family’s suffering,” writes Kirkus. Bookshop.

SING ME FORGOTTEN, Jessica S. Olson. In this YA retelling of Phantom of the Opera, a girl with the power to manipulate memories lives in secret in an opera house, and falls in love with a boy with a beautiful voice. Bookshop.

EDIE RICHTER IS NOT ALONE, Rebecca Handler. After moving from San Francisco to Perth, a woman attempts to come to terms with an unthinkable act she committed. “This quick, engrossing novel brings laughter and tears,” writes Publisher’s Weekly. Bookshop.

THE ROSE CODE, Kate Quinn. In 1940s England, three former friends and code-breakers are reunited by the appearance of an encrypted letter that holds the key to the betrayal that destroyed their friendships and confined one of them to an asylum. In a starred review, Publisher’s Weekly writes that “Quinn’s page-turning narrative is enhanced by her richly drawn characters… This does not disappoint.” Bookshop.

THE FOURTH CHILD, Julia Winter. A devoutly Catholic woman adopts a Romanian orphan, while her relationship with her own teen children begins to fray. Bookshop.

LOVE LIKE THAT, Emma Duffy-Comparone. Short stories about women and their occasionally bad decisions. “Well-crafted, emotionally stirring work,” writes Kirkus. Bookshop.

THE WINDSOR KNOT, SJ Bennett. When a visiting Russian pianist is found dead at Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II decides to lead the investigation herself. “Bennett’s depiction of the warm, wise, and witty queen and the insights into her royal life are fascinating,” writes Publisher’s Weekly. Bookshop.

THE SEED KEEPER, Diane Wilson. A Dakota child is sent to live with a foster family after her science teacher father disappears; decades later, she returns to her family farm to grieve the death of her husband. “This powerful work achieves a deep resonance often lacking from activist novels, and makes a powerful statement along the way,” writes Publisher’s Weekly in a starred review. Bookshop.

THE ARSONIST’S CITY, Hala Alyan. A far flung family unites in Beirut when their new patriarch announces his intention to sell the family home. “Painful and joyous, sad and funny — impossible to put down,” says Kirkus in a starred review. Bookshop.

THE GIRLS ARE ALL SO NICE HERE, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn. At a ten-year high school reunion, two best friends discover they’re being watched by someone who wants revenge for a mistake they made as teenagers. “A sharp, pitch-black thriller that takes the mean-girls trope to another level,” writes Kirkus. Bookshop.

ACT YOUR AGE, EVE BROWN, Talia Hibbert. In the third installment of the beloved Brown sisters romance series, the flightiest, most disorganized of the sisters applies for a job as a chef at a bed and breakfast, and falls for the taciturn proprietor. “Full of heart and humor, this is a sexy, satisfying end to a beloved series,” writes Kirkus in a starred review. Bookshop.

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