New Book Releases: October 20, 2020

Each week, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that Tuesday.

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PLAIN BAD HEROINES, emily m. danforth. In one of my favorite novels of 2020, a group of wunderkind 20-somethings discover the terrifying truth behind a story they’re adapting into a meta horror film. Read my review here and an excerpt here. Aggregated critical reviews, Bookshop.

THE SILENCE, Don DeLillo. An apocalyptic novel about a world that loses power on Super Bowl Sunday 2022. Aggregated critical reviews, Bookshop.

POISONED, Jennifer Donnelly. A YA retelling of Snow White, in which Snow White discovers the jealous, “evil” queen might not be to blame for her banishment after all. Bookshop.

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AMONG THE BEASTS & BRIARS, Ashley Poston. In a utopian kingdom whose fortune comes at the expense of a cursed forest, a young woman with the forest’s magic in her blood must work to save it when creatures from the woods begin to descend upon the kingdom. Bookshop.

THE NEIL GAIMAN READER, Neil Gaiman. A collection of Gaiman’s best work, chosen by his readers. Bookshop.

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