New Book Releases: October 22, 2019

Each Monday, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction — coming out that week.

ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS, Jami Attenberg. A New Orleans family grapples with their dying real estate developer father’s legacy and history in this highly-anticipated novel. Indiebound, Amazon.

INITIATED: MEMOIR OF A WITCH, Amanda Yates Garcia. Through poverty, sexism, and other misfortunes, a woman finds herself through her devotion to witchcraft. Indiebound, Amazon.

AGENT RUNNING IN THE FIELD, John le Carré. A spy attempts to form a new London-based office, only to find trouble in the form of his young, Brexit-hating badminton partner. Indiebound, Amazon.

LIFESTYLES OF GODS AND MONSTERS, Emily Roberson. A YA reimagining of the Ariadne-Theseus myth, in which Ariadne’s royal family are also the proprietors of a hugely popular reality TV show, The Labyrinth Contest. Indiebound, Amazon.

I HOPE YOU GET THIS MESSAGE, Faraz Naz Rishi. Three teens grapple with family, friends, and survival as Earth’s destruction at the hands of another planet nears in this YA debut. Indiebound, Amazon.

THE HOUSE OF BRIDES, Jane Cockram. A disgraced social media influencer returns to her dead mother’s family estate, discovering that its past — and present — is far darker than even her author mother could have predicted. Indiebound, Amazon.

I’m a columnist for OneZero, where I write about the intersection of health & tech. Also seen at Elemental, The Atlantic, VICE, and Vox. Brooklyn, NY.

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