There’s Nothing Wrong With The Self You Are At Home

Emily Henry’s effervescent latest, People We Meet On Vacation, is the clever beach read you need this summer

Life, Vacation Book. Courtesy of the New York Public Library
Swimming, from the Games and Sports series (N165) for Old Judge Cigarettes. 1889. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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I love the unique structure of this novel, in which Poppy and Alex’s relationship is told primarily through their yearly summer vacations they take together, with each past vacation alternating with the present. How did you decide you wanted to tell the story this way? What effect were you looking to create with this structure?

The banter between these characters is genuinely hilarious. How do you approach writing funny dialogue? Does it flow easily as you draft, or do you find yourself revising and editing dialogue for a while to strike the perfect tone?

One of the things I love most about this novel is how you treat the concept of “getting out.” So often, especially among people who moved to cities (in my experience, at least), our childhood homes are thought of as places to escape: The people who stayed have somehow given up or “lost” while people who moved to the city and found career success have “won.” But your novel beautifully challenges that concept. I’d love to know more about why you decided to work that into People We Meet On Vacation.

What’s the most memorable breakfast you’ve ever eaten while traveling? Can be memorable for being delightful and delicious or for being truly terrible.

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